Premier LTD

Limited Liability Company “Premier” was founded in 1998.

The main activity of the company is import and export of different industrial goods.

Main suppliers and directions:

  • Products manufactured under famous Italian brand “Chicco”: baby care goods, nursery, cosmetics, juvenile, toys. Also clothes and shoes for children between ages 0 – 8.
  • Supplier - Artsana Group S.p.A.– Italy
  • Import and sale of books and albums of German book publishing houses Taschen and H.F. Ullmann
  • Suppliers - Taschen GmbH and H.F. Ullmann from Tandem VerlagGermany
  • Different kinds of children stationery, color pencils, felt-tip pens, water-color, copybooks, erasers, plasticine, bags, knapsacks etc.
  • Suppliers – “Cartiere Paolo Pigna S.p.A.”,F.I.L.A. - Fabbrica Italiana Lapis ed Affini S.p.A. – Italy, Lyra-Biestift-Fabrik GmbH & Co.KG– Germany and  ”Marco Dachs S.A.– Spain
  • Wide range of painting materials for professional and amateur painters, as well as beginners.
  • Suppliers – “Royal Talens” - Netherlands,  ”Artist Paints Plant Nevskaya Palitra”, “Gamma JSC” – Russia, “Cartiere Miliani Fabriano S.p.A.” – Italy and  ”Shanghai Siic Marie Painting Materials Co.LTD.” – China
  • Candles – produced from high quality paraffin and stearin.
  • Supplier - Bolsius International B.V. – Netherlands
  • New Year fir tree decorations and fir trees.
  • Suppliers - Krebs & Sohn Vertrebs GmbH & Co. KG – Austria,
    New Company Ltd – China
  1. In 1999 the company opened first shop in the trading house “Kidobani” at the following address: 8 G.Tsabadze st.. The shop sold wide range of painting materials and stationery. This was the company’s first successful shop.
  2. In 2001 was opened in the trading house “Passage” second shop, at the address: 19 G.Tsabadze st., the second shop was opened. Apart from traditional painting materials, full assortment of  “Chicco” production was represented.
    On April 1, 2010 the shop changed its location and profile. In particular, the new address : 46 Rustaveli Av. ,profile: books and full assortment of painting materials.
  3.  In 2004 in the Georgian Trading Center “GTC” at the address: 3 Vekua st. the third shop was opened which sells full assortment of Chicco products and painting materials.
  4. In 2007 in the hypermarket “Goodwill” , 1 King Parnavaz Av., 70 sq. m. shop was opened, where besides Chicco production the customers are offered a wide assortment of clothes and shoes for the 0 – 8 years old children.
  5. In 2009 at the address: 50 Chavchavadze Av. Chicco shop was opened, where “Chicco” production is represented including wide assortment of clothes and shoes for 0 – 8 years old children.

“Premier” actively cooperates with drugstore networks: “PSP”, “Aversi”, “Public Pharmacy” and other chains.

“Premier” is awarded the title of exclusive and authorized distributor in Georgia which is recorded in “Chicco” official website list.

Also “Premier” is the exclusive distributor in Georgia of German Publishing house “Taschen GmbH” and representative of Dutch company “Royal Talens” in Georgia.